Act on your personal power

I invite you to connect deeper with your practice and explore how you can do that in a meaningful, practical manner both on and off your mat. Each workshop will give you a greater understanding of your personal power and inspire you to take action. Workshops include:

  • Guided discussions surrounding the workshop theme

  • Thought-provoking journaling prompts

  • Empowering group discussions

  • Yoga and/or meditation sequences for relaxation

  • Handouts of actionable takeaways, yoga poses, and meditations

  • Recommended reading and resources to support your journey

Upcoming workshops

Energetic Boundaries.png

Loving From Your Center; An Online Workshop on Crafting Energetic Boundaries

-Date: Sunday, February 8th, 2019

-Time : 5:00-7:00 PM PST

-Location: Zoom (an online video platform)

-Description: Join Angelina Ugalde & Jenny Lynn Newell for a 2 hour workshop via Zoom devoted to the importance of boundaries as a form of self-care and the energetic exchange that occurs when a boundary is set and/or violated.

In this workshop, we will explore what healthy boundaries are and how to lovingly, but assertively communicate those to others. In our 2 hours together, there will be a mix of lecture, discussion, journaling, meditation and restorative yoga

A follow up energetic support package will be sent to all participants including; a mailed package with a crystal, love note, palo santo stick, $10 off a custom crystal set from Jenny, a link to Angelina’s yoga class on boundaries, and a follow up email to review the tools and learnings from the call.

-Benefits: An understanding of healthy boundaries & practical resources to use on and off the yoga mat.

-Level: ALL levels

-What to bring: . Please bring a journal, pen, yoga mat or blanket & an open heart.

-Cost: $60

-To Register:


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