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Where yoga meets empowerment

When I step on my yoga mat,  I’m looking to connect on a deeper level with both myself and others. It is my goal for my students to feel the safety, compassion, support, and sense of community the practice of yoga has to offer. I bring my extensive training and passion for the deeper layers of yoga into my classes, workshops, and retreats. Join me! 





Turn trauma into transformation

Why I teach 
I teach yoga because I have been called upon to foster healing in a traumatic world. Teaching also helps me stay the course on my own continual path toward healing. In my classes, I draw from my own experiences to empower you to turn your trauma into transformation. My classes are carefully crafted to spark healing and transformation that’s true to you. Breath is the primary focus, and the poses are secondary. You will be challenged yet supported in your practice, and feel energized to continue on your given path.

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Bedtime Yoga

A beginner level, calming, restorative practice to release the day and ease you into sleep. Props recommended: a blanket or towel.

Morning Yoga

A beginner level morning flow to help you wake up and meet the day with renewed energy



Act on your personal power

I invite you to connect deeper with your practice and explore how you can do that in a meaningful, practical manner both on and off your mat. Each workshop will give you a greater understanding of your personal power and inspire you to take action. Workshops include:

  • Guided discussions surrounding the workshop theme

  • Thought-provoking journaling prompts

  • Empowering group discussions

  • Yoga and/or meditation sequences for relaxation

  • Handouts of actionable takeaways, yoga poses, and meditations

  • Recommended reading and resources to support your journey

Upcoming workshops

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Loving From Your Center; An Online Workshop on Crafting Energetic Boundaries

-Date: Sunday, February 8th, 2019

-Time : 5:00-7:00 PM PST

-Location: Zoom (an online video platform)

-Description: Join Angelina Ugalde & Jenny Lynn Newell for a 2 hour workshop via Zoom devoted to the importance of boundaries as a form of self-care and the energetic exchange that occurs when a boundary is set and/or violated.

In this workshop, we will explore what healthy boundaries are and how to lovingly, but assertively communicate those to others. In our 2 hours together, there will be a mix of lecture, discussion, journaling, meditation and restorative yoga

A follow up energetic support package will be sent to all participants including; a mailed package with a crystal, love note, palo santo stick, $10 off a custom crystal set from Jenny, a link to Angelina’s yoga class on boundaries, and a follow up email to review the tools and learnings from the call.

-Benefits: An understanding of healthy boundaries & practical resources to use on and off the yoga mat.

-Level: ALL levels

-What to bring: . Please bring a journal, pen, yoga mat or blanket & an open heart.

-Cost: $60

-To Register:


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Retreat with Au Yoga

Relax. Renew. Rise up.

What makes a yoga retreat so empowering? Escaping. Relaxing. Challenging your practice. Building community. Centering your mind. Cleansing your body. Reclaiming gratitude. 

I love planning yoga getaways to bring the most magical, healing elements of retreats together, with both guided and free time to:

  • Take a giant exhale and connect back to yourself
  • Prioritize self-care this year by investing in your soul 
  • Take a pause from your everyday life and hit the reset button
  • Disconnect from your day-to-day responsibilities to reconnect with your soul’s intentions
  • Get outside of your comfort zone and experience the beauty and bliss of exotic locations!
  • Meet other awesome yogis and feel energized by the positive group consciousness 

Au Yoga Retreats include:

  • Yoga classes (for every skill level), carefully crafted with our retreat theme at heart
  • Empowering guided meditations 
  • Many opportunities to connect with nature, including group hikes and guided excursions
  • Delicious, health-full meals made for the season
  • One-on-one Off the Mat Coaching sessions to turn your retreat intentions into reality
  • Tools, strategies, and support to overcome your challenges and embrace your opportunities with joy

Whatever adventure you seek – communing with nature, diving more deeply into your yoga practice, bonding with other yogis, laughing uncontrollably, taking charge of your health, or freeing your mind from work and stress – I’ll be right there with you as you rise up and renew.


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