Meet Angelina

My yoga journey

I started yoga in 2008, when my marathon running was starting to cause injury. Yoga first helped me physically- my knees, back and hips finally started finding some relief. However, over time, yoga also helped me manage stress and anxiety plus re-establish and re-define my connection with spirituality.

The moment yoga shifted to a being much deeper force in my life was during a 30 Day Yoga Challenge in March 2012. I started the challenge with the physical goal to master an inversion by the end of the thirty days. Twenty-eight days into the challenge, my father was the victim of a homicide. He was shot and killed in a pointless act of violence.  



Despite my heavy heartedness, I finished out the 30 Day Challenge, but I approached my mat in a whole new way. Even my parking spot at the studio felt different. I felt broken, raw, and exposed, but at the same time, extremely safe within my yoga community. Meditation helped me to find peace with how my father was taken from the physical earth, asana helped me process and discharge the trauma from my body and the other limbs of the yoga tree helped with my path to forgiveness, acceptance and healing.

I have continued to take classes and teacher trainings, studying and practicing the deeper layers of yoga that can so powerfully open and heal the mind, body, heart, and soul. 


Expanding my teaching: Yoga for Incarcerated Youth

One of my intentions is to make yoga accessible to all and bring yoga into spaces where it is not traditionally found. In January 2017, I started teaching yoga to incarcerated youth at Central Juvenile Hall in San Bernardino inspired by the training I received from UpRising Yoga. Every week, I have the opportunity to practice with a group of boys who teach me so much about resilience, finding peace amongst discomfort, and using yoga off the mat in extremely trying situations. 


My coaching journey

My coaching journey started when it came time for me to declare a major in college. I chose psychology. While I didn’t know exactly where it would take me, I knew that a deeper understanding of human behavior would help me help people. I now hold a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology and work as a middle school counselor and Off the Mat coach. I firmly believe in the mind, body, heart, and soul connection, and I’m fascinated by the role yoga plays in this connection. 

From middle schoolers to fellow educators and yoga practitioners, I offer people tools and skills to support themselves, take responsibility for their reactions to the world around them, and most of all, feel empowered to live authentically.

Merging yoga and coaching to support you on your journey

My yoga students and coaching clients describe me as grounded in spirituality, but relatable and funny. I am an organized, anxiety-prone over-planner in my head, but a loving, wild gypsy at heart. I am fluent in spiritual self-help lingo, yoga vocabulary, middle school language and Splanglish. My life’s work is to balance out those forces.

I believe my relatability comes from meeting people where they’re at on their unique journey. I have a clear understanding of what I’ve messed up on in my life, what has made me uncomfortable, and what has challenged me to grow physically and emotionally. Through teaching and coaching, I’m able to share the tools that supported me in experiences to help my students flourish on their designated path.

Let's Be friends

I live in sunny Southern California with my husband Philip, my step-son Dylan, and adorable (but naughty) American Bulldogs Suzie and Penny. I love guzzling kombucha and hot tea like it's a competition, wearing obnoxiously bright lipstick, hogging the karaoke stage and every vegetable except cauliflower. My greatest regret is that I never saw Michael Jackson live in concert, but I tried to make up for it by never taking Prince for granted (3 time concert goer!). I wake up obscenely early and am productively useless after 7 PM.  My soul thrives on traveling and I live for the moment when I step outside the airport and new sounds, smells, climates, languages and human beings push me out of my comfort zone.  My yoga home is Inner Evolution Yoga, but I also teach classes in living rooms, salt caves and back yards. Invite me over! 


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