Why I Love the Chakras


Yoga has changed my life in so many ways.

I started attending classes because I heard it could help me with all the issues I was having in body from running. I did indeed find relief for my back, foot and knees, but soon realized there was “something else.”

I have had (and still have) some wonderful teachers, but one of the most influential has been Lisa A. In Lisa’s classes, I begin learning there were other limbs to the yoga tree and she would give personal examples of how she was applying that knowledge off of her mat. Taking yoga off of the mat resounded deeply within me and I wanted to know more. I started attending her classes just a few months before my father’s murder and I firmly believe that she was placed in my life at the perfect time to give my the knowledge I would need to seek out through my healing journey.

My yoga practice completely changed after my dad’s death. I started to come to my mat for healing, for a sacred space to breath and learn to be OK with my current reality. I was no longer looking to get “good” at poses or look better on my mat.

During my yoga teacher training, Lisa taught about the chakras and I wanted to know so much more. She let me borrow Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith. I eagerly tore through the book and wanted more. I picked up Eastern Body Western Mind and begin exploring each one of my own chakras (the subtle energy centers in the body that correspond to different characteristics). I delved deeper into my own psyche and past to explore how those issues were effecting my present understanding and reactions to my world.

I continue to explore and be aware of my chakras and take responsibility for the energy I bring into this world. Lessons from my chakras have showed me that; I have the right to be here (ROOT), I have the right to feel (SACRAL), I have the right to act (SOLAR PLEXUS), I have the right to love & be loved (HEART), I have the right to  speak my truth from my heart (THROAT), I have the right to rely on my inner wisdom (THIRD EYE) and I have the right to be connected to a higher power (CROWN).

I am incredibly passionate about sharing the benefits of exploring and understanding the chakras. I would love to share my experience and more information with you.

Trout Taylorchakras