Sacral Chakra-Svadhisthana and Why We Cry in Yoga


This week’s focus is on the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is associated with pleasure, creativity and sexual energy. When this chakra is too closed, there can be repression, suppression of creativity, a sense of being out of touch with sexuality or a denial of pleasure. This chakra can also be too open and one can be overly sexual and too free in their creativity, without the balance of being grounded to reality.

I see deficiency in this chakra as suppression of feeling. We are born demanding our needs be met and that our feelings are heard. Along the way, we learn not to make our demands so high and maybe even to meet our own needs. However, sometimes through life’s trauma we may suppress our needs to a pathological level. When we have denied ourselves feelings so much, the body becomes rigid and natural movements are difficult.

Have you ever cried in yoga class? Or maybe gotten a massage or a strong hug and broke out in emotion? Maybe it freaked you out because you don’t even know why it happened? I have done my fair share of crying on my yoga mat. When the body begins to move, feelings, thoughts and emotions that were trapped inside our tissues begin to release and sometimes that can bring about a flood of emotion. One of my favorite phrases is “the issues are in the tissues.” We may think that we are putting uncomfortable, sad or hurtful memories, experiences or worries out of our mind, but they never really go away until we deal with them. They demand to be acknowledged and if we don’t, they bury themselves in the body and can cause all sorts of aches, pains and diseases.

I find most of the time, my sacral chakra is pretty balanced, but can be knocked off and closed down when I am feeling tense and putting too much pressure on myself. The main culprit that attacks this chakra is guilt.

Can we just talk about the guilt that women experience for a minute? I am sure men deal with this too, but I can only speak from a woman’s perspective and I think women particularly have a hard time keeping this chakra in balance. Generally speaking, I think guilt can often creep in when we want to give ourselves time to experience pleasure and explore our own creativity. The demands made on women can be excruciating and trying to constantly live up to varied views of perfection (which is what I often feel is expected out of women) can be draining, always leaving us feeling guilty for one thing or another; not looking good enough, not working hard enough to prove yourself, not nurturing your family enough because your too busy trying to balance out those other forces and on and on and on…

Personally, I struggle with allowing time to do things completely for myself. I feel GUILTY when I want to take a day alone, when I want to not talk to my family (or anyone) and would rather attend a yoga class (alone), get a massage or simply read in bed.

However, I have found that those moments alone to basque in simple pleasures or let my creativity flow through journaling or blogging keep me balanced and calm. When I have denied myself these joys for too long, I feel tense, frustrated and easily irritable.

One of my absolute favorite yoga poses is specially for this chakra. It is Goddess pose, which is done by turning the corners of the feet in opposing directions and sinking down into the hips, with a stable pelvis. Once the legs feel solid, various options can be taken with the arms. I like moving my arms around sometimes and letting the creative energy flow around my body, or settling in to a mudra with my hands.

This pose does have a feminine flair. It is truly opening to the sacral chakra (which is on located in the lower abdomen) and takes solid strength in the hips and groin. It can look very pretty, but it is also a very strong pose that takes focus, stability and strength. I believe this describes women beautifully. I love how solid I feel in those pose, yet free to move and flow.

If you would like to explore more healing practices for your sacral chakra, this is a great post.

What keeps your creativity, sexuality or pleasure from freely flowing?

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