Intro to the Chakras

Digging into to the chakras has been life changing for me. I loooooove learning more about them, reading, exploring, talking, teaching and now here, writing about them. What is not always so fun is actually putting in the work to balance them out, but I am going to give that my best shot too, over the next seven weeks and I invite you to join me.

I first started delving deeper into my chakras after my yoga teaching training in 2013. I elusively heard that term tossed about before, but never quite had an understanding of these esoteric, invisible, spinning energy centers within the celestial body that connected with physical and emotional issues. If this sounds crazy and a little too far out for you, I understand. I felt the same way at first. Until I realized how much they made sense and I could see the connections for myself. I begin to identify issues I had with some of my chakras and when I put my focus on working through them, amazing things begin to occur.


So, what the heck is a chakra? Well, it’s a wheel of energy within the subtle body that corresponds to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual characteristics. As spiritual beings inhabiting a human experience, we are made up of energy. I am sure you have felt or read another person’s energy before, maybe something about them was warm, inviting and made you feel at peace or more open. You may have also discovered the opposite, someone who was cold, uninviting or made you feel unsafe. We all give off and inhabit various forms of energy and the chakras are the expression of specific forms of energy.

In the next seven weeks, I will write about my own exploration through each chakra and relate it to yoga both on and off the mat. I hope you can also join me in my yoga classes at Inner Evolution Yoga, which will be devoted to each chakra. In my classes, we will be devoting our time to poses that balance out that chakras. Although my opinion is, any pose that sends positive energy and mindfulness to that chakra is beneficial.

When talking about the chakras, I always must credit Anodea Judith whose books have been such a powerful source of information and exploration. I am just going to share some of my own personal work and views on the chakra system, but if you want true, qualitative research from a psychological and medical perspective, please read  her comprehensive book Eastern Body Western Mind.

Trout Taylor