Crown Chakra-Sahasrana

The crown chakra is associated with being connected to a higher power. You can choose to sub in God, the Divine, or your own personal Deity that fosters this connection. You can even chose to sub in your own Inner Wisdom, if no other outside force makes sense. The Universe is what makes most sense for me. I feel that it covers all beings, nature and celestial entities.

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. A balanced crown chakra presents itself as being spiritually connected, wise, intelligent, open-minded and easy to assimilate new information (not rejecting it because it clashes with current beliefs). Deficiencies in the crown chakra are associated with a lack of connection, skepticism or confusion. Excess energy in the crown chakra can manifest itself in hyper-spiritualization and a lack of grounding in the real world.

Forced religiosity and a lack of questioning or exploration of spirituality can also throw the crown chakra out of alignment. For myself, I believe my crown chakra has always been seeking a type of connection, but it did not truly begin it’s journey into discovery until the past few years. I grew up going to church several times a week, but never found the connection I was seeking. I had so many questions and things being taught were not adding up to me. For a few years in my early adulthood, I tried to shut my crown chakra off completely and deny any connection with a higher power or spirituality. I was disillusioned with the church and religion and wanted nothing to do with anything associated to spirituality.

In the past few years, I have been working to establish that connection in new ways. I truly credit yoga with bringing me a connection to myself and the Universe, God and all the living energy around me. I also have to acknowledge the powerful healing that nature has had on my soul and how much I have found myself while climbing mountains, backpacking through canyons and national parks and running in the expanse of trails all around the world. The church of nature is where I have found God more than I ever did in any church service.

I chose lotus pose (padmasana) to work on my crown chakra. Lotus pose is both grounding and lifting. Sitting in the stillness of meditation with the intent to listen and connect opens up the crown chakra. Meditation is what has helped me establish and explore my connection the Universe, the Divine, God and my Inner Wisdom.

Meditation is both much harder and easier than it looks and I hope to have more to share with you about this, in the future. I think we complicate meditation far too much, or at least, I do (did?, well, often still do). We don’t have to have any special tools or location to meditate (although it can help). It can truly happen anywhere and in many different forms and just requires a bit of mindfulness.

The picture below was taken with a new friend at Secombe Park in San Bernardino. This would be the last place that many people with think of to meditate, but for a small moment in time, a connection was made with God and with another living being.

Trout Taylorchakras