Intention Setting with the Seasons

I have always been a natural goal setter and achiever. When I was a student, most of my goals were academic based; get straight As, get on honor roll, get into college, get my Master’s degree, etc.

Once I finished my education, I feel a little lost with what to focus on, so I started running and setting more physical goals. I burned myself out a few years later and finally realized I was setting goals based on externally motivated factors (what I thought, or what others thought I “should" be doing) v. internally motivated factors.

Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map really helped me shift into setting goals with soul not based on what I “should” be doing, but on what my soul truly desired and needed to bring forth into my world. Focusing on what LaPorte calls Core Desired Feelings helped me to lead into settings goals based on how I wanted to feel when the goals were achieved. This was a huge shift and helped me start living from a more authentic version of myself.

The past year has been even more revealing about not only setting goals from a more authentic space within myself, but also working with the current energy of the season and earth. I have been working with both internal and external forces to feel aligned, however those external forces are no longer outside noise and influence, but the energy of the season and being curious about how that personally effects me.

I used to think that on January 1st, I had to make some significant change and start hitting the ground running to meet my goals for the year. This never worked out very well and I seemed to be more motivated and energetic to make shifts and take action around March & April. Once I realized this pattern, I started to realize it was the change of the seasons that was having an effect on my energy.

I stopped fighting against these natural rhythms and started working with them. An amazing and extremely informative resource has been these moon journals by Spirit Daughter. She gives descriptive information about each full & new moon and what the energy is for the coming season of the zodiac calendar. She gives very thought provoking journal prompts for each one and it is here that I set my intentions for the next 28 days or so.

new full moon intentions

The full moon in particular, is a nice opportunity to reflect on what needs to be released, forgiven or unattached. The ritual of completing these moon journals has been a powerful act of self-care and I usually pair the moons with some nourishing yoga, a bath and yoga nidra for the season by Jana Roemer. The journals even give specific crystal and herb recommendation for the season to support in intention setting.


It may sound a little esoteric to be following the moon cycles, but for me, it’s been about getting back to the natural rhythms of the universe. Before electricity and the explosion of other technology, we as humans used to be much more in touch with the sun & moon for how we lived our day to day lives and when we planted and harvested, etc. We can’t deny that the moon has effects on the energy of all beings. Just think of what it does to the tide in our oceans…if our physical human bodies also contain water, then won’t the phases of the moon also have an effect on us? Those who works in education or the medical field will tell you that it is very telling where there is a full moon because the behaviors of students, patients, etc. seems to be “looney.” The term “looney” originated from the puzzling behavior that can occur from the moon.

Setting intentions with the seasons and the specific energy for each new and full moon has been such a positive shift for me. Working with the current energy has helped me to stop fighting against natural rhythms and sometimes use the season to rest, to dream, to work behind the seasons and then to take action. I feel much more aligned and in tune with my own soul and the world around me.