Music Therapy-The Right to Feel

This year I set the intention to feel more, to get out of my head and more into my body, something I try to lead my students to do all the time, but fail to do myself. I had the realization that I would sometimes go days without listening to music as podcasts have become my preferred listening partner while in traffic, the gym and cleaning my house. As much as I love podcasts and things I have learned from them, they keep me in my head and out of my heart. Music connects me deeper to my soul; I thoroughly enjoy both singing and dancing and feel pulled completely into the present moment when I am engaged with either. 

I am constantly engaged in cerebral activities that require me to think, plan, use my intuition and respond. There has been a lack of feeling, of being present with myself without an agenda or expectation. The universe responded my sending me AmyLynn Dimaano. AmyLynn is a board certified music therapist who emailed me inquiring if I would be interested in working together to bring yoga into music therapy. We met and I felt a good energetic match. We planned a workshop and I asked if I could come to the journaling workshop she was holding the next night.

A lot of my journaling comes from sitting and thinking. The way that Amylynn led us into journaling was through guided imagery, drumming and playing music. I uncovered some very clear truths, particularly surrounding something else I am working on: asking for help.

I wanted to delve in deeper, so I scheduled a Guided Imagery session one-on-one with AmyLynn. We started off by checking in and setting an intention. AmyLynn diffused one of my favorite doTerra blends Console and I got cozy. She used music and imagery to guide me through my intention and uncover what the feelings were underneath it.


It was pretty revealing and ultimately showed me that I need to create more SPACE in my life to feel. I have to take the time to get out of my head and into my body and heart. I have been doing my best to carve out time for myself each day. Somedays it has been as little as five minutes, a few times I was fortunate enough for it to be an hour. 

I am eager to continue this work personally and share it with you. On Saturday, 4/21 from 1-3 PM Amylynn & I will be co-leading a Chakra Yoga & Music Therapy workshop. I will be teaching about the chakras and guiding you through a beginner level class with poses focused on each of the seven chakras. Amylynn will be using live singing bowls and chakra specific tone matching music to guide you deeper into the exploration of your chakra system.

Space is limited and there are only a few spots left. You can sign up by clicking here

I hope you can make time and space to feel. I hope this a good reminder to you, as it was for me, to make space to get out of your head and into your heart. 

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