The Root Chakra & HOME


This past weekend I had the amazing pleasure of sharing my passion for the chakra system with a group of ladies at our Intro to the Chakras workshop.

This was the only picture that I took because I was far too engrossed in our conversation, our sharing, our learning from one another and in awe of the vulnerability, honesty and support.

Over the next seven weeks, our group will be doing a chakra exploration, starting with the Root chakra. The Root chakra relates to our sense of safety in this world, feeling safe and connected to our body, our sense of self and ownership over our choices. Fear is the main counterforce that interferes with this chakra and can throw it off balance into deficiency (causing poor boundaries & disconnection from the self) or excess (causing too rigid of boundaries and anxiety based behaviors).

When I feel shaken from my roots, I try to re-ground myself and get back to what feels safe for me, or what feels like HOME.

HOME can mean so many different things. Generally, when I teach about this chakra, I ask my students to think of a comforting memory from their childhood, or call to mind different words, smells, sounds or tastes that remind that describe HOME.

As I write this post, in my literal home, my senses and entire being are flooded with the energy of what HOME means to me. I am currently burning my sage scented candle I bought in Joshua Tree, it is cold & gloomy outside, but my house is warm and inviting. I am wrapped up in my favorite Mexican blanket in the corner of my couch. My husband and step-son are steps away in the kitchen, making homemade tortillas, exactly the way my mom taught them and my house is filled with the same smell that I filled my home when I was a kid. I feel comforted, safe and grounded.

And although I can always access this memory, what if it doesn’t last? What if my sense of HOME changes? My step-son will one day grow up and leave our home. My husband may finally tire of me and decide he is so over cleaning up the enormous messes I make while cooking or fixing the many things around the house that I break and blame on others, and decide to leave me. Unpredictable circumstances could occur and I could lose my beautiful little cottage of a home, my adorable dogs, my health, my safety, my money, etc. etc. etc.

Thinking of all of this can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety, but in the workshop I was reminded by someone that we always have our breath. Our breath can be our sense of HOME.


I recently was given the opportunity to begin teaching yoga at a juvenile detention center in my neighborhood. I have a group of ten boys that I get to teach yoga to for the length of ten weeks. I decided to start teaching them about the chakras. When I taught Root chakra, I realized I would need to adjust the manner that I presented the concept of HOME. They are currently away from their literal homes. Their homes may not be a safe place. Their sense of HOME may not be comforting. So I taught about the breath being our sense of HOME. It is the one thing we will always have, until we don’t and it won’t matter any more. Sometimes, (and often times, in their situation) the breath is the only thing that we can control.

I hope that idea can be comforting to someone reading this. We can always access, control and use our breath to bring us back HOME to the body. Inhaling deeply and exhaling deeply, letting everything else fade away, until we are grounded enough to face it again.

I hope the breath can help you come back HOME when you feel shaken at your roots. I would love to hear from you. What defines your sense of home? How do you come back to that when adversity pops up?

Trout Taylor